Board of Directors

President of the Board: Andrzej Polus

Andrzej Polus (M.A., P.hD) born in 1980. He received a M.A from the University of Wrocław in 2004 and a P.hD. from the same University in 2008, after submitting dissertation –Commonwealth on the World Stage.  In 2014 he obtained habilitation from the University of Wrocław. Andrzej Polus is an author of over 40 publications. His major field research of interest covers: theories of international relations, decolonization processes, foreign policy of United Kingdom and current situation in Subsaharan Africa. Since 2008 he works as an associate professor in the Institute of International Studies of the University of Wrocław.






Vice-president of the Board: Dominik Kopiński


Dr Dominik Kopiński is an assistant professor in the Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw. He is also a cofounder and vice president of Polish Centre for African Studies. Dr Kopiński is a Fulbright Fellow at George Washington University (Senior Advanced Research Award 2015-2016). He published  mainly o n Sub-Saharan Africa economic development, foreign aid, China-Africa relations and natural resources policy in developing countries. His work appeared, among others, in Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Africa Spectrum, African Affairs and Global Governance. Dr Kopiński conducted field research in Zambia, Botswana, Ghana and Namibia.





Member ofo the Board: Wojciech Tycholiz 

Wojciech Tycholiz is the board member and senior fellow at the Polish Centre for African Studies. Tycholiz leads several research projects and oversees relations with Centre’s partners. His research work focuses on financial markets in sub-Saharan Africa, capital flows to Africa, and natural resource management, including the resource curse phenomena. Tycholiz co-organized several international conferences and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. Tycholiz graduated from the Wrocław University of Economics (major: finance) and the University of Wrocław (major: international affairs) and now is a PhD student at University of Wrocław. Additionally, he serves as a Member of the Human Science Convent (University of Wroclaw) and as the Chairman of the PhD Students Council (University of Wroclaw).